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close up smile red lipstickWe’re all aware that a good at home oral care routine keeps that dentists drill at bay! But did you know the many benefits of an oral rinse?

Mouthwash can help keep your gums and teeth healthy—but only if you use them properly. The benefits from using a mouthwash depend largely on the type of product used. Mouthwash can be classified as cosmetic or therapeutic. Rinsing with a cosmetic mouthwash will loosen bits of food from your teeth, lessen bacteria in your mouth, temporarily reduce bad breath and leave a refreshing taste in your mouth. But these products can’t make any greater claim than that.

Mouthwash can cut back the level of bacteria in your mouth. Of course, you still have to brush and floss your teeth regularly and combined will do a much better job of removing plaque and debris. Research shows that adding a rinse with mouthwash to your oral care routine can in fact improve the overall cleanliness of your mouth and help keep gum inflammation at bay.

Gargling and rinsing for a few seconds doesn’t quite cut it.  Most mouthwashes are at their most effective when in contact with your mouth tissues for 30 seconds per use. That proves to be quite tasking for most of us, some people say mouthwash is so strong that it’s difficult to use for that long. Still, it’s worth toughing it out if you want the best results. Did you know it’s also a good cleaning agent for mouth guards?

Did you know that rinsing daily with certain mouthwashes can improve your oral health. We’re talking whitening your teeth, helping to prevent gum disease and fighting plaque!

The Benefits of a Daily Oral Rinse: 

Freshens Breath – First and most obviously, mouthwash temporarily reduces bad breath. Mouthwash kills bacteria associated with causing bad breath leaving you with minty fresh breath.

Prevents Plaque Build-Up – Various mouthwashes help prevent plaque build up on your gums, in-between teeth, and on the surface of your teeth. Although it prevents the build up of plague, it cannot reduce the plaque that already exists on your teeth. So remember to always brush and floss before plaque becomes a problem.

Removes Particles – Most people use mouthwash only after brushing. This is a perfectly fine practice, but used before before brushing to rinse out loose particles in your mouth will make the brushing and flossing more effective.

Stop cavities from forming – Regular use of mouthwash before and after you brush and floss, you can reduce the chances of cavities forming. Mouthwashes that contain fluoride can prevent cavities and strengthen your enamel. Remember, not all mouthwashes contain fluoride. Be sure to check the label on your mouthwash before purchasing.

Of course we don’t have to tell you that mouthwash is not a substitute for brushing and flossing and should be used in conjunction with good oral health habits. It only takes a moment to rinse but the positive impact on your oral health is much greater. With rinsing daily you can successfully navigate around dental problems.

Who doesn’t love that minty fresh feeling you get after rinsing with mouthwash? Just remember mouthwash is considered an add-on, not a replacement for brushing and flossing.

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Tooth Colored Fillings | Manhattan Beach Dentist


Do you think your smile could use a bit of a makeover? Are you tired of seeing your old, outdated, metallic restoration? Many patients are suffering from the same dilemma and feel like there is nothing they can do, however, thanks to the advanced technology utilized by Dr. Yamada you can achieve your ideal smile with tooth colored fillings.

In the past, they tended to come in metal amalgam form, though improvements in dental ceramics have led to people using composite, tooth-colored materials for these dental restorations instead given their many benefits to patients. Composites can be in a wide range of tooth colors allowing near invisible restoration of teeth.

Composite resins, or tooth-colored fillings, provide good durability and resistance to fracture in small- to mid-size fillings that need to withstand moderate pressure from the constant stress of chewing. They can be used on either front or back teeth. They are a good choice for people who prefer that their fillings look more natural.

It generally takes longer to place a composite filling than it does for a metal filling. That’s because composite fillings require the tooth be kept clean and dry while the cavity is being filled. Tooth-colored fillings are now used more often than amalgam or gold fillings, probably due to cosmetics. In a society focused on a white, bright smile, people tend to want fillings that blend with the natural color of their teeth.

Dr. Yamada encourages patients to receive tooth colored fillings by listing the following advantages:

• Tooth colored fillings eliminate unnatural, metal fillings
• Tooth colored fillings diminish discoloration caused by metal fillings
• Tooth colored fillings prevent tooth decay and gum diseases
• Tooth colored fillings strengthen your teeth
• Tooth colored fillings are undetectable and match the exact shade of your teeth

Ultimately, the best dental filling is no dental filling. Prevention is the best medicine! You can dramatically decrease your risk of cavities and other dental diseases simply by:

  • brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • flossing daily
  • eating a balanced diet
  • visiting the dentist regularly

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