MythBusters: Dental Implants Edition | Manhattan Beach Dentist

Dental ImplantsWhen you lose a tooth, the best thing to do is get it fixed. Not only will it return your smile back to new, but it will also alleviate future dental issues. It’s time for you to take a trip to the dentist because you may need a dental implant. These artificial tooth roots are very durable and are known to last for a very long time. Not only that, but unlike dentures, dental implants do not hamper speech, nor cause problems with chewing, in any way. Need more incentive for the investment? Below are several interesting facts about dental implants that you probably do not know, but may convince you to restore your smile with implants:

Success rate. Dental implants are considered as the most successful tooth replacement solution due to their durability and shelf life. Dental implants can last for as long as a patient lives and are known to have an estimated 98% success rate.

No cavities. As much as dental implants share the same look and function as natural teeth, they are not made out of the same materials and cannot decay.

Pain-free. Dental implant surgery is generally painless due to various forms of sedation dentistry and local anesthesia.

Stronger jaw. Dental implants help strengthen your jawbone because the titanium used is a biologically compatible material that’s fused to your jawbone and makes it stronger than ever before.

Long-lasting. Dental implants can last for decades at a time, but with proper care, dental implants can technically last forever.

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