Patient Testimonials

"I was fortunate to have had a wonderful dentist for over 30 years but upon his retirement I was left with the task of finding a replacement. The experience proved very frustrating and almost hopeless until my wife encouraged me to see Dr. Anthony Yamada. Upon meeting Dr. Yamada, his office staff, and his assistants, I knew my dental problems were about to be resolved by a very friendly and competent team of professionals. Dr Yamada began with a thorough exam after which he thoroughly explained all of his recommended procedures. From beginning to end, the experience was comfortable and as painless as is humanly possible. The front office staff is friendly, efficient and always ready to meet the patients needs. Dr. Yamada's assistants, including hygienists, are knowledgable, friendly, professional and add so much to a pleasant and comfortable experience. I am not only very impressed with the great dental care I received but also the cosmetic perfection that is evident every time I smile. I would highly recommend Dr. Anthony Yamada and am so pleased to know that all of my future dental needs are in the capable hands of such a great team of professionals."

- Ron

"I have probably spent more time, money and pain to take care of my teeth than on any other part of my body. I tried several dentists where I lived in New Jersey and thought that I finally found the best one for me. I had 2 baby teeth until I was 40 and had braces to correct the spacing and bite (which did not work, by the way, after 4 years of treatment as an adult). The dentist I found did the best he could to work with the result but it was a constant struggle to chew, to keep the dental work clean and my smile was less than perfect. Before I moved to California in 2005 I had that dental work re-done so that I would not have any problems after arriving. Unfortunately, that dentist became ill and the final caps and partials were put in place by another dentist and literally nothing fit correctly. As a result I had to start the process all over again.

I was told by my daughter's co-worker that Dr. Yamada was the best dentist in the South Bay. He was right - it was the best reference I have ever received. On the first visit, Dr. Yamada sat down and asked me about my history, how I was feeling and what my hopes and expectations were. After a thorough examination, we decided on a course of treatment and most important for me, was that he cared not only about my dental health but about me as a person. I was able to wear the temporary teeth for a few months to see how the new teeth performed and how I felt about how the teeth looked. Adjustments were made accordingly. None of my previous dentists ever asked for my input! The permanent teeth were put in and it is like having my own perfect teeth - I did not believe that was possible. Dr. Yamada has made a huge difference in my life. He has a very professional staff that is always courteous and my appointments have always been on time. I could not be happier!"

- Lynn


"I've been a patient and friend of Dr. Yamada and his staff for almost five years. The process of implanting a crown and a veneer on my two front teeth was delayed by me out of fear and uncertainty. Because of this Dr. Yamada and his entire team made sure that I was more than comfortable during the entire dental procedure. I hope Dr. Yamada has no plans to ever retire because not only is his work amazing, his entire team could give lessons on going above and beyond routine patient service. By the way, I can't stop smiling. I suppose when the work done is this great, that's the reaction."



"Congratulations to me and to Dr. Yamada and his terrific and knowledgeable staff for nearly completing an extensive treatment plan that involved new and replaced crowns across 10 of my front teeth and six molars on the lowers. We have installed bridges of crowns on implants after a series of successful gum surgeries, which were necessary to insure the health and safety of the new crowns at the gum line.

Dr. Yamada worked in concert with a team of other professional referrals, including Dr. Carmen Ramos, whose calm, reassuring and soft touch made her gum surgeries, extractions and implant surgeries easy and comfortable. Dr. Peter Endo, the Endodontist that Dr. Yamada referred to me, has a "state of the art" facility, insuring that root canals, go smoothly and painlessly. I underwent 5 root canals in the overall treatment plan.

We are nearing the complete restoration of a set of teeth that are approaching 68 years of age, and I expect them to last me through the next 40 years.


As Dr. Endo put it, Dr. Yamada is the head of the team, and has successfully guided and supervised a treatment plan that I will soon be able to cap off with a big, bright, gleaming white smile! Hooray! Thanks to all of the wonderful professionals. Dr. Yamada is the best, with great help from Dr. Ramos, Dr. Endo, and his own team, Jason, Sala and Stephanie."

- Ernest


"The relationship between doctor and patient is a top priority to Dr. Yamada. On my first visit, Dr. Yamada did a thorough exam. I had a failed root canal from a previous dentist, yet I was hesitant about an implant, and I had delayed making a decision. Dr. Yamada explained in detail my prognosis and choices for dental implant and wisdom teeth extraction or a bridge. This was the first time that a dentist took the time to explain symptoms, care, and an optimum treatment plan, so I was able to make a fully-informed decision. I decided on the dental implant and elected to have four wisdom teeth removed.

Dr. Yamada's extended referral team of surgeons was excellent. I am extremely satisfied with my dental implant and the wisdom teeth extractions, and it was all nearly pain-free. Because I had delayed treatment after the extraction from the previous dentist, the top tooth began to grow, so Dr. Yamada made intricate adjustments to fit the tooth comfortably. I am very pleased with the results.

Additionally, Dr. Yamada's staff emphasizes the importance of lifelong care; and, I'm happy to say, my examinations are getting better and better."