Our Team

To create a positive experience for every patient, Dr. Anthony Yamada has chosen a team who share his passion for excellence.

All members of the team work together to make each patient's visit as pleasant and easy as possible. From clinical to business staff, each employee makes time to meet patients' needs. They answer questions, point them to more resources when needed and, for those individuals who are anxious during dental visits, offer reassurance when needed.

Unlike other dental practices, we include a periodontist on our team. Periodontists offer specialized care for diagnosing and treating gum disease, cosmetic problems and placing dental implants. Patients with complex cases often find that treatment by a dentist and periodontist working in partnership is the best approach.


We want our patients to think of the dental office as a friendly place that makes them smile. Our team makes that a reality.



Sala - Appointment Coordinator & Registered Dental Assistant

Sala has been in the dental field since 1982 and has worked in our office since 2005. She received her Registered Dental Assistant license in 2000. She is trained and skilled in both business and clinical duties. Sala strives to provide energetic and fun-loving service to each patient; providing them with the highest level of care when scheduling appointments and addressing questions to ensure the patient's understanding of their treatment.


Liliana - Treatment & Financial Coordinator

Liliana is the office treatment and financial coordinator. She has enjoyed being in the dental field since 1983 and in our office since 2010. Liliana brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her role. She is one of the friendly business office staff that will assist you in coordinating your treatment and financial arrangements. Liliana goes out of her way to help patients understand the complexities of their insurance coverage so that they may maximize the benefits due from insurance carriers.






Esmeralda - Registered Dental Assistant

Esmeralda started out as a Dental Assistant in 2011 and earned her Registered Dental Assistant license in 2012. She is highly skilled at assisting Dr Yamada and Dang in all their treatment procedures with a soft touch and in an efficient manner.






Stephanie - Registered Dental Hygienist

Stephanie started working as a Dental Assistant while in high school. She went on to receive her Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene from USC in 1986 and has been working with Dr. Yamada since 1989.


Stephanie's priority is getting to know her patients and making them feel at ease, providing quality care, and offering recommendations on how to achieve and maintain a healthy smile.





Stacy - Registered Dental Hygienist

Stacy has been dedicated to the field of dentistry since high school. She went on to receive her Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene from USC in 2000 and has been working for Dr. Yamada since then. Stacy divides her schedule working two days a week at Dr. Yamada's office and two days a week at a family practice in Torrance.


Stacy loves taking care of people and providing the best dental hygiene services in a relaxed and caring environment. Her main goal is to improve patients' oral health through education.